Trucking in Ukraine, Europe and Asia

If your business is not limited to sales by the city or the surrounding region, or you want to expand it, you probably need the services of transportation of goods from a reliable and experienced logistics company - company LLC "Universal Global Logistic Limited".
LLC "Universal Global Logistic Limited"- is a versatile partner able to establish a system of road transport in any company in Ukraine as well as throughout Europe and Asia.
Our advantages are:

  • low price (compared to other transport modes);
  • organized system of coordination and control of transport;
  • own staff of drivers with experience;
  • own fleet of trucks of any tonnage;
  • reporting system designed for customers;
  • cargo insurance;
  • high speed delivery of goods;
  • development of individual optimal routes for each order;
  • aid in the formulation of transport documents, customs documents.

working with our company on the basis of a contract, you are completely yourself peace of issues connected with logistics.

Грузоперевозки GUL-Trans

Car trucking in Ukraine from the company LLC "Universal Global Logistic Limited" - it:

  • possible to transport any type of cargo: bulk, liquid, solid, oversized, and even dangerous;
  • accurate delivery of goods by the recipient within a specified time;
  • opportunity to highlight a number of cars under your order within one day;
  • personal manager who at any time be able to answer your questions about the condition of the cargo;
  • favorable conditions for regular customers.

Ukraine only company LLC "Universal Global Logistic Limited" able to offer such attractive terms freight guarantee their performance.

Order freight transportation by road in Europe and Asia

You can apply to us not only you need to deliver the goods from one end to the other in Ukraine. We are engaged in cargo transportation by road for all of Europe as well as in Asia. Any country in the world in which you can get from Ukraine land (road) way may be your constant partner with the company LLC "Universal Global Logistic Limited".
Just arrange a meeting with our manager and discuss with him the extent of traffic, the number of vehicles, type shipping and, of course, terms and prices. We are sure that all the conditions of road transport of goods, which we will voice you necessarily suit you!

  • Грузоперевозки GUL-trans
    Order car

    High speed delivery of cargo
    Cargo insurance


    Low price
    Adjusted service

  • Global Universal Logistic

    We arereliableand experiencedlogistics company.With us youwill be able toestablish a system oftransportfor their businessboth inUkraineandthroughout Europeand Asia.

    •                                                                                             Грузоперевозки GUL-trans
    • Грузоперевозки GUL-trans
    • Грузоперевозки GUL-trans
  • Грузоперевозки GUL-trans

    Individual approach

    You can transport goods of any kind on an individual optimal route!
    Грузоперевозки GUL-trans


    We have an established system of  coordination and control of transport, provide cargo insurance!
    Грузоперевозки GUL-trans


    We provide the required number of cars in a single day, quickly deliver your cargo!
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Trucking in Ukraine

Trucking in Ukraine

Attractive terms of cargo with a guarantee of their performance

International trucking

International trucking

Freight transport by road in Europe and Asia


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